Personalised Products for Little People

About Us

heidi&luca was created by Australian designer Justine Crunden. The brand was brought to life in 2008, shortly after its inspiration & Justine's little one, Heidi, was born. So, who is Luca? Well, he is Heidi's little sweetheart & favourite playmate! 

Inspired by little people, heidi&luca combines childhood expressiveness with modern design principles. Our designs are unique & whimsical and celebrate childhood experiences and the things and critters that make our little people happy.

At heidi&luca we design each and every product individually, especially for you. This is what makes heidi&luca special. Our products are artisanal and crafted using the best materials available. We aim to produce products with integrity, that are responsibly made and made to keep forever.

At heidi&luca, we ensure your product, and every product we make, is made with love!