Personalised Products for Little People

Do It Yourself Decal - Transportation


It's no wonder every kid loves our decals. Not only do they come personalised with their name on them, but cutting and pasting them is also a super fun and creative thing to do. They can be used to turn any room in to a super cool play space, positioned above a cot, on the ceiling, near a bed or above a dresser. The cutting guide makes them super easy to prepare and the super sticky adhesive back means they can be removed and repositioned, anywhere!

Please note, our decals are printed on a single sheet and cutting is required. A cutting guide line is printed on the decal and cutting with scissors is required. Spend some fun time together with your little one cutting and pasting them. They love them!

Size: 50 x 50cm, approx. 150 x 60 cm once positioned on wall.

Material: Vinyl

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